Timer Sliding Doors

We have had fitted at our home a timber sliding door. When we were extending the back of the house, we decided to get rid of the old double doors which opened out. After looking around, we got ourselves a wooden sliding door instead. Now when we say wooden, of course, we mean timber. It really is quality workmanship. Feels actually heavier than the older doors that were there as well.

We never fitted them ourselves, our builder fitted them for us but after a few months of using it, I think its been absolutely great how much of a difference they have made. The opening is larger for starters and secondly, when the draft pulls through our house (we live near the coast) because someone left the front bay windows open, they don’t slam shut!

I would definitely recommend them, we got ours from Carlson. You can view the style here: https://www.carlson.ie/index.cfm/page/product/categoryid/2/productid/15