Regular Upkeep Of A Flat Roof

A flat roof is generally used on a shed or garage style structure. It does not have a pitch and its usually either a felt roof or a membrane styled roof bonded to a flat board which is angled slightly to help push water off of it into guttering system. It needs to be strong all year round, be watertight and not have any loose edging which can cause it to lift or left water underneath.

To help prolong the life of your flat roof and prevent the development of expensive problems to your roof, proper maintenance can make a big difference to it. Take a look at our tips to learn how to keep your flat roof in good repair!

Check Twice A Year

Twice a year, get a ladder and have a look around the flat roof to visually inspect it. Walk along the roof and clear any debris that has accumulated from the roof. Be mindful of drains, which are essential components of a roofing system, and ensure that they are not clogged and are functioning properly. Regular inspections can make a huge difference in the lifespan of your roof and dealing with a small problem fast, stops it developing into a bigger problem which you can read about here.

Fix Any Water Pooling

Water that is not being drained off your roof or is stagnating is what is termed as water pooling. This can be a result of obstructed drainage, compressed insulation, or structural problems. Pooling may lead to the development of increased leaks and damage to your roof membrane or lead to a collapse of the roofing deck or the roof itself. Prevent water pooling by checking around drains and clear away obstructions, such as dirt and debris to maximize drainage efficiency. A skilled roofing contractor can handle it for you ensuring the direction is set for the water and they have the right experience to know the common areas for a roof leak.

Ensure The Edges Keep Drips Off

An overhang using the edges of your flat roof is what keeps the water from leaking onto your fascia and off the roof as well as stopping any nesting from birds who might other burrow into the gap. Loose or damaged edging can cause leaks in the eaves and lead to the rotting of the wooden boards behind the fascia. If you notice you have a problem with it, get it fixed fast to prevent further damage to your roof like here.

General Look Through

Common areas to look at on a flat roof for maintenance includes any skylights (velux windows), any vents (make sure they are sealed with lead) and always check any overlap in the felt to ensure they are bonded tightly. These tend to be the prime sources of a leaky roof. Ensure that the flashing around the skylight is not loose, and that skylight itself isn’t leaky.

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